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Hi there- I'm new in here

AGE: 21
GENDER: female
LOCATION: cape cod mass - usa :)
MUSIC: almost anything- i like a pretty wide varietry of things- mostly pop,rock,celtic rock and frank sinatra style lol - actually my friends band bon voyager( is a good example of the stuff i typically listen to- but so is lifehouse, john mayer and pink
INTERESTS: reading and writing poetry, fixing up my websites, chatting online, photography, music (listening of course- but i also play a couple instruments), and just hang'n out with my friends
THINGS I'M LOOKING FOR IN A PENPAL ARE: someone who'll write more then jus a sentence and will write fairly often- i dont like having penpals that i never get to talk to.

ANYTHING ELSE: *thinks* i dont think so at the moment. oh, well- i have two communities i'd love for people to check out one for my friends band- bonvoyagerfans and one for poetry poets_united_05 thanks :) and my websites are and
Contact me at: aim: scorp jen 1121

PIC (if applicable):
two of Me and my bf Josh

I love dressing up in Ren clothing :)

And one of just me :)

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