confusinglife (confusinglife) wrote in cyberpals,

Hi there

NAME:  Ange confusinglife  
AGE:  mid 20's
GENDER:  Female
LOCATION:  Southern New England
MUSIC:  Country mainly, but i listen to anything
INTERESTS:  Where to begin....  Psychology, Phantom Of The Opera, Art, Friends and Family, Movies, Reading, Music, Ireland (have Irish heritage).  For the rest see my user info page.
THINGS I'M LOOKING FOR IN A PENPAL ARE:  Understanding that i don't always comment, Having nothing against mental illness, sense of humor.
ANYTHING ELSE:  Not picky where you are from, but would love people from Ireland.  Chances are good that if you add me to your froends list I'll add you back.
Contact me at:  my journal or
PIC (if applicable): not now
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